Excellence in Collaboration

Excellence in Collaboration

The Beacon Awards are designed to honor excellence in nonprofit organizations. They are intended to raise awareness of excellence at work in our local nonprofit sector and to honor volunteers and individual staff.

Selection Criteria
• Rationale for Selection - This section requires the nominator succinctly state the reasons for which the project has been selected for nomination. The nomination must include several examples of a collaborative project for this award including reference to website. The rationale should address the following questions:
1) How does the collaboration project encompass the relationship?
2) How is the relationship critical to the achievement of the program?
3) How does the project impact a problem, issue or need within the community?
• Endorsements from staff and board peers supporting the rationale
• Endorsements from collaborative partners
• Endorsements from clients

Presentation of Awards
An independent awards committee will review all applications. The honorees chosen for the awards and all other nominees will be honored at the Nonprofit Management Center Beacon Awards Luncheon currently scheduled on September 26, 2023. Honorees will receive an award and $1,000 for the nominating organization.

If you have any questions, please contact Sam Palmer at (432) 570-7971 or spalmer@nmc-pb.org.

Application Deadline - Friday, June 16, 2023 by 5:00 pm

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  • Nomination Contact Information

    Please complete the contact information for the collaboration your are nominating for Excellence in Collaboration.

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  • Nominator Contact Information

    Please complete the contact information below for the person NMC should contact regarding this nomination.

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